I am currently an unpublished writer, but there is one major story that is in the works. I’ve only just begun to scratch the surface with this novel idea! The working title I gave it is “Dragon Blood” and it’s going to be a YA/NA urban fantasy.

It was an assignment for English 349 – Intermediate Fiction Writing Workshop were I was to create at least one chapter of a novel idea or a collection of short stories. I chose the one chapter of a novel and I want to share it with you.

This page will also discuss other novel ideas and keep notes and images that inspire my work on “Dragon Blood.”

“Dragon Blood” Synopsis (W.I.P.):

Nineteen year old, Aiden Foley, has just discovered that his family has magic in their blood. His recently deceased grandfather had told him stories of a magical realm hidden in plain sight, and Aiden now knows the realm of Magicka, is real. A realm where the magical creatures of fantasy and myth thrive and a place where mages have no place. Magicka has always existed alongside the mundane world and the ley-lines, the borders that keep magic-blood alive and hidden, are failing. Aiden might be the only one able to keep the ley-lines from dissolving, but only if he can discover why his particular magic-blood is so valuable. Meanwhile, there are those with their own plans to save Magicka from destruction, should Aiden fail to believe. Suddenly swept into the magical realm, Aiden and his friends, must unravel the secrets that have been kept from him by his family and discover the power of magical-blood.