Let’s Talk Fandoms

For me, inspiration comes in all forms. I’m never just reading YA/NA Fantasy novels or writing (which I should be doing more of anyway), but I’m also passionately involved with the fandom way of life. It sounds pretty extreme, but it’s not. There is a community for fandoms as most of you probably know and I’ve found a lot of inspiration and friendships from there. Fandoms can excite, relax, and inspire!

Fandoms spread wider than novels, it goes into popular TV shoes, films, video games, and even YouTubers. Another aspect of fandom love is shown through fan-fiction which I LOVE to read. When I’m not reading published novels or trying to write my own work, I’m probably reading fan-fiction or watching my favorite YouTubers or playing video games, etc.

This page is place for us to talk about fandoms and why we love them. Talk about new books, TV shows, films, and video games we are excited for. I’ll be posting about favorite fan-fictions (inspirational, good writing, great stories, etc.) as well as YouTubers, especially BookTubers, Gamers, ASMR, and Vloggers I watch religiously. I want to hear about your favorite fandoms and why you love them. What do you find so appealing?