“Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic.” ― J.K. Rowling


Welcome fellow nerds!

I’m Krista Marx, a YA/NA urban fantasy enthusiast. Currently I am an unpublished writer with only one short story (“Just Speak”) and a W.I.P. NA urban fantasy novel (posted a draft of the first chapter in the Writing page). I’ve lived in Beavercreek, Ohio ever since I was three-years-old and I still live with my parents and one of my older brothers. Being the youngest of four siblings, who are much more verbal than me, I grew attached to the books we had in the dining room. I would still play outside and watch TV, yet reading was when I the happiest. I was a very introverted individual with social anxiety, but books opened my world through the wonderful imagination and creativity they held. Reading fantasy novels was a doorway into new worlds and allowed me to meet characters who would help me make some of my closest friends.

My mom and I at the midnight release of the script-book Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Even though my completed works are very limited at the moment, one way I’ve been able to express myself and find encouragement for my writing comes through reading and writing fan-fiction stories. The ability to take characters and worlds that I cherish and develop my own stories around them is very liberating. It also gives me the chance to enhance my own ideas. Most of these ideas are jotted down in various journals that are scattered around my room. Being such an introvert, I love spending quality time inside with a hot cup of coffee (or tea) in my hand reading a fantastic fan-fiction or novel. Rainy days make these moments so much more precious.

Three favorite things!

When I’m not reading fan-fiction or jotting down story ideas, I am working on my major in Creative Writing with a Concentration in Fiction at Southern New Hampshire University with minors in History and Art History. For the most part, I decided to do college to better my writing skills and gain writing experiences, not necessarily to get myself a better paying job with a degree. After taking time to study and work I’m usually found inside my room (reading fan-fiction, playing video games, writing, etc.), a Barnes & Noble or the library gathering new reading materials. In the near future, as in February 2017, I will complete my BA in Creative Writing at SNHU and my next goals will focus on working to get my stories out to the world. Even just begin writing more of my stories down! I want my stories to inspire other’s imaginations and creativity, and seeing my own published work sitting on a shelf is something that continues to motivate me. Find your dreams and never let them go, they will always keep you going.

Never stop reading!