Here is just a short little update on this blog!

This blog all started from an English assignment for College. The main objective was to create an Author’s website/blog that would promote my preferred theme or writing style.

I have not been that great with managing the Facebook page, or the blog itself, especially with the last term I just recently finished…

Yeah…my bad!


I have now completed my College courses and am set to Graduate May of 2017. I definitely want to try to continue this blog to see what I can do with it and see where it could go. I’ve had a blast reviewing fandom things I love.

But for now, I’m kind of on a hiatus until I can get everything under control. It’ll all be in flux, as is life. I hate seeing the word hiatus, but its going to have to be a necessary evil. All I can think about are unfinished fan-fictions that I loved… That is what I want to avoid, but I need to either re-work what I have or kind of get myself situated.

Thanks to all those that have read my blog! It’s a place where fandoms thrive and I’ve loved the experiences so far. I’m off to catch up on some needed sleep, if I’m not playing Zelda…

Here’s to the future!