The Legend of Zelda: Legendary Edition, Vol. 1: Ocarina of Time Parts 1 & 2The Legend of Zelda: Legendary Edition, Vol. 1: Ocarina of Time Parts 1 & 2 by Akira Himekawa

I’d give it 5/5 easily!
Absolutely love this series, video game and manga versions!

There’s not a whole lot to really discuss about this manga other than the passion that was put into the work and the love for the fantastic video game series. The first time I read this manga, not the Legendary Edition, was when it was just online. I would go through the Ocarina of Time mangas then go straight into the Majora’s Mask manga. It was a series I couldn’t stop reading online and now I’m so glad to be adding these to my collection. The Legendary Edition is well made and the cover is gorgeous, while simplistic. It’s worth having for sure!!

What I really love about this manga series is that the original material is pretty fleshed out as it is and now the writers can add a bit of their own flare without damaging the entire series. These games were meant to put the player in Link’s position, and with the mangas it just gives Link a bit more personality, which I love. He’s more of his own person! It reminds of me of the thousands of fan-fictions I’ve read on Legend of Zelda were they’re retelling one of the games and Link’s personality blossoms.

I’m mean, for one: Link SPEAKS in the mangas!

Why, yes you can!

The silent hero speaks and that’s were some of his personality shines. He’s not the perfect hero and there are a lot of times in the manga were he needs help, and wouldn’t survive without help. The Hero of Time was not invincible and he knows it and he voices his personal doubts. The manga does an amazing job developing Link as a character and developing his strengths as the Hero of Time.

One thing that I don’t necessarily like about the mangas, at least when comparing them to the video games, is the lack of work there seems to be in the “dungeons”. Instead of the various corridors and puzzles, Link tends to immediately get involved with the “boss” and defeat them then and there. The sense of time passing and “trials” that Link goes through seems smaller than in the games, but that makes sense. It’s just a personal thing that wouldn’t actually fit well in a manga version anyway, but fan-fictions could expand on the “dungeon” areas without writing the game bit-by-bit.

More than just in and out! [Credit: Minionslayer on Deviantart]
Even with this, there is so much more depth to the characters, even “bosses” like Volvagia, have more to them than what we see. Volvagia has an entire side-story with Link that is so moving due to what Link must do in order to save Hyrule. It’s heartbreaking…

So cute!

Overall, Akira Himekawa did an amazing job on the story. He kept the general theme of the game in place and then developed the world and filled it with people, which is better than the game did in some locations. We also see more of Link as a person rather than just an empty shell. The artwork is something else that Himekawa did such a beautiful job with. Link looks handsome but in a way that’s not overbearing, if that makes sense… he’s still young but he’s strong where/when he needs to be.

Loved it and I can’t wait to get into future Legend of Zelda mangas. twilightI saw that they were about to come out with the Twilight Princess mangas, early next year (March 14, 2017)! After reading this I just want to sit back and put this game in…which I just might do! This is a really short review, but the manga (and the games) speak for themselves and I heavily suggest adding this to your collection if you’re a Legend of Zelda fan.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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