Hey fellow Geeks!

The magical world has welcomed me back in a way that is unforgettable. I thought I was prepared for this film, and I was very much mistaken…in the best way possible!

*This scene isn’t in the film… 😦

I will not post any spoilers in this post, and I’ll most likely have to see the film again before I can get really in-depth, but I just wanted to fan-girl over this film!!

First off, the introduction to this film made me tear up. James Newton Howard’s music was breathtaking and it brought me back to the Harry Potter films with Hedwig’s Theme. I’ve listened to the soundtrack for Fantastic Beasts and I was aware of the mixture, but like I said I wasn’t prepared. That music lead me back into the Wizarding World and then it completely shoved us into the world!


Once we are past the Warner Brother’s symbol, the film literally forces so much information and magic in your face that I just wanted to pause it and just examine everything in front of me. There were tons of Newspaper articles fluttering past and they were packed with all sorts of information… I know what I’m doing when I get the Blu-Ray!

Sorry, can’t help myself

Then, we’re introduced to 1926 New York, both magical and mundane. The mug- No-maj’s go about their daily lives with absolutely NO interaction with magical beings. In some of the articles mentioned, there was a brief moment were we see the rule stating that no magical beasts can be kept as pets… One major aspect of the “no No-Maj interaction” comes with the lovable Jacob Kowalski.

His character was one of my favorites, along with Mr. Newt Scamander. Their friendship was extremely touching and it was established in a way that was so hysterical. With the help of the oh-so adorable Niffler, these two are quickly introduced and pushed into their adventure just as much as we were pushed into the action at the start of the film.

Oh, that Niffler!

As I mentioned at the start, I don’t want to give away specific spoilers, especially the one’s I remember, but I do want to bring up some names and subjects that caught my attention.

Other than the major name drop of one Albus Dumbledore, there was another name I heard. I wasn’t quite sure what the first name was, but Lestrange was for sure the last name! I’m hoping when I see it again, and when I read the Screenplay, I’ll get her first name. UPDATE (11/18/16): Her name is Leta Lestrange! We get a minor glimpse into her possible connection and we all know the significance of that name, so we’ll see her again.

Another fascinating aspect of this film that worked to build the arch really well was the introduction to the Obscurus. Now, an Obscurus is described to us as an unbelievably strong destructive force that can burst from young witches or wizards when they are pushed to hide away their powers.


I had always wondered about what would happen to witches/wizards if their power was shut in, and this was one solution given to us and it’s pretty awesome. When I was looking for images for the Obscurus, I read a really amazing article on MoviePilot that explores the theory of Ariana Dumbledore being an Obscurus, and the evidence seems plausible, I highly recommend reading the article!

This film is one that I will see multiple times before I can completely start seeing all the minute details. There was so much information in this film and I can’t wait to get back and see it again (Friday 18th and Saturday 19th)… I’m going to be busy!

I also happened to see Doctor Strange this week, so I’ll try to talk about that soon. That dealt with magic!! Overall, I was pleased with this film and I am so excited to see the Wizarding World expand more with the upcoming films.

Until next time – Oblivate!