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The Lost Heir (Wings of Fire, #2)The Lost Heir by Tui T. Sutherland

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5/5 stars!

If you haven’t gotten the chance, here is my review of the first installment of the Wings of Fire series.

In this second installment of the Wings of Fire series, Sutherland continues to expand her world of dragons with the Seawings being the focus. Tsunami is the Seawing among the five dragonets and when they finally arrive at the Summer Palace, she’s immediately thrown into a totally different world. She’s not prepared for the culture shock, especially not the language, Aqautic. We do also get to meet a potential love interest for Tsunami which was cute. Riptide is the son of Webs, one of the dragons that watched over the five dragonets in the cave. It was a great connection for the characters, but we separate with him at the end of the novel. Not knowing what happens to him…

gsseqxvTsunami does end up spending time with her mother and younger sister, Princess Anemone. At first, I wasn’t sure if I’d like Anemone, but she ends up being one of the coolest little dragonets, like Peril in the first novel. She has a special ability that she fears, but it’s something we’ll probably see again. We actually end up meeting two more of Tsunami’s sisters (Orca and Auklet). Orca was one of the oldest who had similar powers to Anemone, but after her death, the other eggs were getting destroyed (other than Tsunami’s). I thought the end result of the dragonet killer was a great detail. I missed that statue the first time I read through it.

Queen Coral’s character was one that didn’t sit well with me. She was both strong and loving yet scared and overprotective.mother-knows-best I always felt this disconnect and tension between Tsunami and Coral that made sense, but was pretty sad. The love was still there and Tsunami sees that by the end, but its something that didn’t really stand out to me. The political aspect of this novel might have thrown me off a bit, but it was handled well. There is a lot of mistrust within the council through Tsunami’s eyes, but she ends up learning a lot from the experiences. Tsunami’s not as bossy as she was through the first one and she learns to think before she acts.

I understand that the first book has to set up the characters and the world, which means we get to see each character pretty often (or close enough), but this book totally felt like we shoved the other dragonets to the side. Tsunami was the main focus as Clay was the main focus of the first novel, but it felt different. Still, the character growth is visible in multiple characters, Tsunami, Sunny, and Starflight. Overall, I liked the first novel better than this one, but this one added a lot more depth to the story, we got more information about the Talons of Peace and where their loyalties actually lie. It’s getting good and I’m already on my way to starting the third installment The Hidden Kingdom. It’s finally time to learn more about the mysterious Rainwings!

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